ET Technologies Online Catalogue

The unique cross-border ecosystem of high-tech research and innovative SMEs (high-tech start-ups and established companies) that characterizes the extended Euregio Meuse-Rhine offers even more potential, namely the chance to directly involve the business community in the development of new technologies that the Einstein Telescope will urgently need in the next decade! These include above all the ET operating Technologies: Part 1 – ET Instruments.

In addition, however, numerous other technological competences in geology, environmental monitoring, tunnel boring technology and primarily underground construction technology are also required for under-ground exploration and the construction of the facility, to name but a few. These are detailed in the ET Technologies Online Catalogue Part 2 – Geology.

The Einstein Telescope and Sustainability

The Einstein Telescope is a large-scale research facility for studying gravitational waves. The demands on the technologies and processes are high.

Nevertheless, sustainability and harmony with people and nature are just as much a focus at the Einstein Telescope as fundamental research itself. Therefore, the following sustainability topics are on the technology agenda:

The Einstein Telescope and Logistics

E-TEST Conceptual Design Report (E-TEST CDR)

The final Conceptual Design Report (CDR) for the E-TEST Prototype is now available from June 1st 2022. It can be downloaded here:

Einstein telescope Design Report (ET DR) – update 2020

Please also find here the complete DR for the Einstein telescope: